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LED TECHNOLOGY - Lightingwear - vestiamo la luce!



For more than 30 years, LED have been used in various industrial applications from switch cabinets to measuring instruments, in consumer products such as HiFi- equipment, telephones or personal computers, in traffic signal installations for road and railway or in indoor and outdoor automotive lighting.

In the last few years the efficacy of coloured LED increased to amazing 60 lm/W depending on the colour.

A trend which will proceed in the future.

As today’s white LED reach efficacies up to 15 lm/W - comparable to incandescent lamps - they are more and more used in general lighting.

In emergency lighting as well as decorative lighting, they´ve already developed a broad implementation area.

Today, also applications such as illuminated advertising benefit from the advantages of LED, particularly by using coloured LED-modules.