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SMD MULTICHIP LED Circuit - Lightingwear - vestiamo la luce!



Particularly deserving of the new MULTICHIP LED circuits, plates that are characterized by high efficiency, high CRI values, and long life, as well as compact and economical design.
FIAL has developed a new series of large power LED modules. These products, conceived for the future, are characterized by 4 aspects: low external dimensions, extremely flat, economical, luminous, great heat dissipation.

The new plates are available with 1Watt to 20Watt power, and thanks to the modular structure of ASTRO, FIAL guarantees great flexibility in the design of future lighting fixtures. The ASTRO motherboard, for example, consists of 56 Pistrine Led, each consisting of 9

MicroLeds arranged in 3 parallel series, for a total of 504 bright MicroLed.
The advantage of multi-chip LED circuits, compared to single-chip power LEDs with about the same luminous flux, is in the homogeneous distribution of heat. While the high heat generated by the power LEDs (given by the current load 350-700mA) must be disposed of in a very small area, the lower temperatures of multi-chip LEDs (given by the lower 20mA current intensity) can be distributed and disposed on a larger surface, allowing for optimal heat dissipation. The result is better temperature management, a typical LED problem, which translates into Led's long life.

The color temperature of the plates is between 2.700k and 6.000k, with "Warm White", "NAturalWhite" and "Pure White" shades. These LEDs show a remarkably high IRC value of 87, thanks to various phosphorous mixtures, and are thus able to offer greater color stability and attention to detail. This is essential wherever light does not have to change the look of illuminated objects. This is a high-performance LED module, very popular in areas such as shop window decoration and commercial exhibitions. Displayed objects can be presented effectively, giving the store an exclusive image and favoring a greater willingness to buy from the customer.

The new FIAL plates therefore offer various technical solutions for the use of LEDs in lieu of traditional lighting systems, suspensions, ceiling lamp ceiling and ceiling lamps. The myriad of small light dots allows homogeneous distribution of light on the diffuser, avoiding typical unrestricted light spots on the glass.

FIAL LED lighting modules are typically suitable for various applications such as office lighting and commercial environments, street lighting, architectural lighting and signs, backlighting, and many others. therefore they can find use in innovative lighting systems as well as in those that have so far used fluorescent tubes as a light source.

Finally, thanks to the simplicity of MicroLed, the plates are virtually immune from shock or vibration breaks, for a very long service life.