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HOW DOES IT WORK - Lightingwear - vestiamo la luce!



The LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device that generates light through the passage of electrical charges through an appropriately doped silicon junction: it is a diode which, when the threshold voltage (usually 3 to 5 V) reaches, becomes a light source ; the light emitted by the junction is monochromatic and the color depends on the type of doping that is intentionally introduced into the silicon. They present at least 3 types:




Modern PowerLED LEDs are designed to be light sources and therefore differ from other LEDs (Traditional, High Efficiency) used for signal lighting, courtesy and display; POWER LEDs emit enough light for many general and special lighting applications: they are already widely installed in showcases, message boards, stage scenarios and even in car headlights. Nowadays I am the source of reference for Residential-Residential Lighting.