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UV RAYS - Lightingwear - vestiamo la luce!



LEDs have the feature of not emitting any Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) emissions that are known to be harmful to humans and animals, especially for the retina, skin, and artificial scintillation of paints and tissues.

 UV radiation covers that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength of between 100 and 400 nanometers (nm) and is divided into three main categories:

UVA (315-400 nm)
UVB (280-315 nm)
UVC (100-280 nm).
In general, the penetration capacity and therefore the "danger" for the man of UV rays will increase as the wavelength decreases, and as a result, the frequency increases.

Most UV rays that reach the Earth's surface are UVA and, in small part, UVB, while UVCs are totally absorbed by the atmosphere. In addition, UV levels are higher at altitude growth (every 1000 m high UV levels increase by 10-12%) and Sun height (especially midday in the summer months) and decreasing latitude and cloudiness.


And damage to UV

Based on scientific literature, the Oms identified nine diseases closely related to ultraviolet radiation exposure:

skin melanoma, malignant tumor of melanocytes, skin cells that produce skin pigment (melanin)
squamous skin cancer, a malignant tumor that, with respect to melanoma, has a slower evolution and is associated with lower morbidity and mortality
basal cell carcinoma (basaloma), skin cancer that develops predominantly in advanced age and spreads slowly and locally
squamous corneal or conjunctive carcinoma, rare eye cancer
keratoses, chronic skin diseases that on rare occasions can cause tumor lesions
cortical cataracts, degeneration of the crystalline, which becomes increasingly opaque until it compromises the sight and which in some cases can also lead to blindness
pterygium, conjunctivitis which leads to cornea opacification or a limitation of eye movements
reactivation of cold sores, due to UV-induced immunosuppression.