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INSTALLATION RECOMMENDATIONS - Lightingwear - vestiamo la luce!



Since the use of Constant Current Power Supplies ensures that the current is always delivered optimally, particular attention should be paid to the definition of LED mounting because LED life is guaranteed by optimum working temperature.

The modest heat generated by the LEDs is dissipated from the aluminum support where they are welded: heavy use or lack of air circulation does not allow a natural heat exchange and can increase the temperature to dangerous values ​​(85 - 100 C °). This is why it is important to install the power LEDs in an airy environment away from heat sources with an ambient temperature (Ta) not exceeding 30 °.

If the LEDs turn off after a few hours of operation and the next power-on, indicate the thermal protection of the converter and, therefore, indicates that the installation was not well-done (probably in a non-sufficiently ventilated environment).

The cable length and section are not critical because, as indicated, the current is constant and generally has very low values ​​of the order of 350 ÷ 700 mA.

The outputs of the power supplies are stabilized in direct current so there is no electromagnetic emission: therefore the cables can be of considerable length, up to 20 ÷ 30 m. Any losses along the line are automatically compensated by the power supply.

Even for power supplies, which are still considered consumables, a very long life span is ensured by proper installation in a well ventilated environment to preserve the life of its heat-sensitive components such as, for example, electrolytic capacitors.